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Boys and girls in year 6 have written about their school trip (colònies):

"Last Wednesday afternoon, when I went to the adventure camp, in the middle of the first activity, a big hailstorm started.
On the school trip, we did archery too.
The bungalows were very big and had a fridge.
The monitors were from Ireland and they only spoke English.
The food was very good and we ate very well”

“On the first night, Zahira was very frightened.
On the first night, Jaqueline and Pau Puig met two monitors:  Jim and Tim Beans.
On the second, Jaqueline was drunk and crazy with “orxata”.
On the last day, donkeys smelled the bottoms of other donkeys.
The school trip was very funny, great and tiring.”
Jaqueline and Pau P.

“Last week we went to the school trip and we had a very good week with the friends.
Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night we went to the disco.
Last Thursday we went kayaking!
On Thursday afternoon we did donkey riding.
On Wednesday night, one group of friends played the game of the bottle.”
Manuel, Marc, Joel, Joan, Clàudia and Zahira

“Last week we went on a school trip and we met the monitors. It was very funny. We were in bungalows. One night we went to the disco. Everyday we did some activities. The monitors were from Ireland.”
Álvaro i Pau C.

“Last Tuesday morning we went on a school trip.
Last Thursday we did kayak in the beach.
Last Wednesday we went to the swimming pool.
Every night we went to the disco and it was very funny.
The monitors spoke in English.”

“We liked the school trip very much.
We were in a camp site called Bon Repòs, in Santa Susanna.
On the first day we met the monitors and the bungalows.
The monitors were Irish.
Last Friday we went donkey riding. In the afternoon, the school trip ended.”
Judith and María Alejandra

“On the first day of the school trip we settled in the House. On Tuesday morning we had breakfast in the restaurant.
We met the monitors and they spoke in English.
The activities were difficult.
We also rode a donkey.”                       
“Last week we went to the swimming pool.
On Friday we went donkey riding.
At night we danced at the disco.
On Tuesday we went to the beach.”
Viki and Cris

“On Tuesday, we had the presentation fot he monitors and we made groups of nine people. On Thursday we went to the beach in the morning and in the afternoon we went to the Adventure, because on Wednesday it rained a lot. On Friday we went donkey riding. We played tennis and football in the park.”
Irene, Sandra, Jordi Q., Marta, Meri and Anabella

“On Friday we rode donkeys in the forest.
We ate a lot of icecream after lunch and dinner.
On Tuesday Diego overcame the box record.
We met Niall’s cosins: their names are Louise and David.”
Aran, Carla, Ivan and Laia

“Last week we went to bungalows and played tennis.
On Wednesday morning we went to the swimming pool.
On Tuesday morning we played ping pong, tennis and football.
On Friday we went donkey riding.”
Jordi V, Alex and Oriol

“On the school trip, the teachers allowed us to bring seven euros.”

“On Thursday morning we went to the beach and we did kayaking and pedal boat.
On Friday we went to the farm and rode a donkey and did some orienteering.
On Tuesday we made groups of nine or ten children. The name of the monitors were: David, Zöe, Lourna and Louise.
On Wednesday we went to the Adventure Camp and I practiced archery but it rained.”

“On Thursday night we went to the disco and the monitors danced and sang.
On the second day we had a party in the bungalow and told jokes.
Louise is the cousin of 1D singer.
On Wednesday we went to Mercedes’ bungalow and played Irene’s game.”
Guille and Delfina

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These are the past competències bàsiques tests. Have a look at them. You know they will be a bit different this time, but DON'T WORRY!!!
This is the test for 2011:

You can find the audio here:

This is the correction:

This is the test for 2012:

You can find the audio here:

This is the correction:


This is for you, to practise telling the time:

Watch this video:

And now you can play:

This is to know what time is it every second:

And let me know if you need some help!!!

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Here you have some webpages where you can play to practise what we have been studying about verbs.
Have fun... and learn!